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Extended Lives: The Debrief

Future Human: Extended LivesOur Extended Lives salon at The Book Club marked the start of our autumn series, and a fine start it was – exploring life extension science and how it will empower the aged, while potentially disrupting everything from natural resources to spirituality, familial care and welfare funding. Our guests were Sarah Harper of the Oxford Institute of Ageing, George Magnus, author of The Age of Aging, and David Chambers from the SENS Foundation – we’ll be catching up with them in a future episode of The Future Human Podcast, so if you missed out on the event, you’ll be able to hear more from them then.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a typically vibrant event, brainstorming how our sex lives will change as well as our attitudes to communal lifestyles, and contributing thoughtful and probing questions to our debate. Below is a selection of the best Twitter discussion during the evening – if you enjoyed the event, please come along to September’s salon, New Luddism, tickets for which can be bought here.

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