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Transparent Life: The Debrief

Transparent Life: The DebriefOur Transparent Life event turned out to be one of the most fascinating salons yet – exploring how data visualisation is set to completely recalibrate our identities, we covered everything from holographic advertising to babies tweeting from the womb. If you want to discover more about our panellists, you can see Keiichi Matsuda‘s work here, Callum Rex Reid‘s company Digicave here, and Luke Robert Mason‘s Weavrs project here. We can’t give away what they’re working on, apart from that they’re creating projects with everyone from titanic British fashion brands to august museum institutions, so they’re well worth following!

Below is a Storify of the best tweets from the night, complete with some eye-opening links to discover more about world of data visualisation. A big thanks to everyone involved, and we hope you can make it to our March event, Gaming Normal.

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Posted by in Events | February 9, 2012 4:54PM |

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